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This document provides information on the processing of personal data collected through this website (hereinafter: “Website”), and consequently constitutes information for the people concerned in compliance with the applicable regulations on personal data protection. The disclosure is in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter just “Regulation”) and only concerns this present website ( Does not concern other websites which the user may have browsed via a link. The website is hosted and created by means of platform SquareSpace, by Squarespace Ireland Ltd. Some services are provided by platform MailChimp, a registered trademark by The Rocket Science Group LLC.


S.O.S. Holding S.R.L., located in Milan (MI), Viale Monte Nero 84, and  the following connected brands that it manages: 

SOS Yachting S.r.l., with registered offices in Viareggio (LU) – 55049 – Piazza Lorenzo Viani 11/A;

SOS Yachting Sarl, with registered offices in Nice – 06300 – Quai Amiral Infernet;

SOS Yachting of Spain SL, with registered offices in Palma De Mallorca – 07012 – Avda Jaume III 17, 1-13;

SOS Yachting D.O.O., with registered offices in Rijeca – 51000 - Korzo 11.


(hereinafter: "joint holders").


During your navigation on the pages of this website, we collect:

Connection Data: personal data required for the working of the Website, such as IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site,  

URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server (successful, error, etc..) and other parameters related to the operating system and the information environment of the users, the information related to the behavior of the user on the Website, the pages which were looked at or searched, in order to select and customize ads and the data related to the behavior on the Websites, e.g. using cookies. 

  • Cookies are small text files that the website places on the devices used, whether they are computers or mobile devices, saved within the directory files used by the web browser of the user. There are several types of cookies, some to make the use of the website more efficient, other to enable certain functions. There may also be further cookies placed in the services and apps used by the Website (e.g. maps, social sharing, newsletter etc.). Further information available on this link. 

  • Personal and contact data to use certain services provided.  

Some data are processed by third party, such as tools connected to SquareSpace platform MailChimp, that is the maps from. These subjects may use different technologies, among which cookie and pixel tracking.




Contractual purposes: to look at the webpages and use the services provided on the website (“Website”).

Contract. The Processing is required for the completion of a contract which the interested person is part of, or the carrying out of pre-contractual measures adopted upon his/her request. 

Legal obligations: to meet legal obligations in compliance with applicable regulations and national and supranational legislation.  

Legal obligation. The treatment is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation that the owner of the treatment is subject to.   

How the Website works: During the course of their regular functions, computing systems and software procedures at the basis of the functioning of Websites acquire data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. The  purpose for the collection of such information is not to be associated with identifiable subjects, but – due to their very nature – may, through processing and matching with other data held by the joint holders or by third subjects, allow the identification of the users of the Websites.  

Legitimate Interest. The treatment is necessary to the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the joint holders of the treatment or of third party, and to maintain an adequate level of security and usability of the Website. 

Communicating with the user upon his/her request: Data transmitted through the entirely optional, explicit and voluntary sending of Email messages to the addresses specified on this website shall mean the consequent acquisition of the user’s email address, necessary in order to reply to his/her requests, and of any other personal data included in the message by the user. 

Contract. The Processing is 

required for the completion of a contract which the interested person is part of, or the carrying out of pre-contractual measures adopted upon his/her request. 

Legitimate Interest. The treatment is necessary to the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the joint holders of the treatment or of third party.  

Communicating with the user for Marketing purposes: collected data are used for marketing purposes by sending – through automatic contacting procedures (such as sms, mms and e-mails) as well as traditional ones (e.g. telephone calls with an operator) – promotional and commercial information connected to services and/or products supplied by the Joint Holders or to advertise company events or the carrying out of market and statistical analysis. 

The aforementioned communications may also refer to marketing activities organized by the Joint Holders for third party. 

Consent. The person concerned has to express his/her consent to the treatment of personal data for the specific purposes. 

Legitimate Interest. The treatment is necessary to the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the joint holders of the treatment or of third party.  

Newsletter: will be sent only upon your Consent and explicit subscription to such service.

Consent. The person concerned has to express his/her consent to the treatment of personal data for the specific purposes. 

Protection of rights in Court: if necessary, to check, exercise or defend the Join Holders’ rights in Court.

Legitimate Interest. The treatment is necessary to the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the joint holders of the treatment or of third party.  


Data collected through the Website are kept: 

  1. in the event of treatments for contractual purposes and compliance of legal requirements: for the whole duration of the service and, after its termination, for a period not exceeding 10 years;

  2. In the event of treatments for marketing purposes: until the revocation of the expressed consent by the person concerned for such purposes

  3. In the event of treatments required to safeguard the joint holders’ rights: for the whole duration of the judicial litigations and in any case not exceeding the time limit allowed for the impugnment actions;

  4. In the event of required treatments for the functioning of the Website: for the whole duration of the navigation session on the Websites and for the longest period of analysis, in any case for a period not exceeding 12 months

After the aforementioned conservation time limits, your personal data shall be destroyed, deleted or made anonymous, in compliance with the technical deletion and backup procedures. 


Your personal data may be shared, when strictly necessary for the indicated purposes, with:

  1. Third party specifically appointed by the Joint Holders to process personal data, necessary to the carrying out of activities strictly connected to the supply of the Services;

  2. Third party providing services to Companies, acting typically as subjects in charge of the treatment, such as managers of communication services, E-mail, delivery of mail, technical services for the management of the Service or other providers of information services

  3. Companies providing support during the carrying out of market surveys; 

  4. Third party providing management and upkeep services on the Joint Holders’ database;

  5. Third party dealing with communication and marketing services.

  6. Subjects, organizations or authorities to whom the disclosure of personal data is compulsory, by virtue of provisions laid down by law or by order of the authorities.  Such subjects shall only receive the data required for the related functions, and shall commit to using them exclusively for the aforementioned purposes and process them in compliance with the applicable privacy regulation. The updated list of the subjects in charge of the treatment is available upon written request to the joint holders. 

Are data processed outside the European Union? 

The Website was created using SquareSpace, property of SquareSpace Ireland Ltd. For all communications sent through the use of Website services, Joint Holders collect and process data through a platform called MailChimp, property of  Rocket Science Group, LLC.

Personal information sent through the Services may be transferred to other countries, for instance to the US. Both platforms adhere to the Privacy Shield Frameworks which imposes a level of protection of personal data equal to the standards requested by the Protection Authorities of the EU Countries. 



The aforementioned companies shall process the data of the people concerned in compliance with the aforementioned standards and privacy policies. 

Further information available here:




The joint holders are committed to the safeguard of users’ personal data, and work in compliance with the dispositions in matter of safety as provided by the applicable laws to prevent any data disclosure, illegitimate or illicit data use and unauthorized access to data, with specific but not exclusive reference to the current regulations on personal data protection. Moreover, they refer to the responsible of the treatment presenting sufficient guarantees to take adequate organizational and technical measures, in compliance with the current regulations on personal data protection, guaranteeing an adequate safeguard of the concerned subjects.


It is possible to exert at any time the rights as specified in Chapter III of EU Regulation 679/2016.  More specifically, the rights to request to the joint holders the access to date concerning the user, their amendment or cancellation, the integration of incomplete data, the limitation of the treatment; to request data provided in a structured format of common use and readable by an automatic device; to revoke the agreed consent regarding the treatment and to oppose, partially or entirely, to the usage of data; and to exert other rights granted by the applicable rules and regulations. 

In the event the user believes that any of the treatments breaks the current regulation on personal data treatment, he can contact us to solve the problem.   At any time, he may lodge a complaint  to the Data Protection Authorities in compliance with Art. 77 of the aforementioned Regulations, even in the absence of any previous contact with us. 


Some functions of the Website enable to exercise one’s rights directly through internet access, as for instance with the newsletter. For further information or for the exertion of your rights it is possible to contact us by E-mail at the following address:

information update

The joint holders shall keep the present information constantly updated. The section “LAST REFRESH DATE” at the bottom of the page states the date on which the information was last updated.  


This information was last updated on March 15th, 2019.


Website (hereinafter just “Website”) uses cookies to ensure the correct functioning of the procedures and improve the use of online applications. This document gives detailed information on cookies and their use and of similar technologies, and how to manage them. This document integrates the complete notice on personal data treatment on the Website  .  LINK


Cookies are small text files created by a web-based application and saved on the user’s chosen Client  to browse the Internet (pc, smartphone, tablet etc.) to be sent during the following accesses to the Internet by the same user. Cookies enable the collection of information on the user’s browsing, for instance to remember the preferences on the language or the currency used for a purchase. Cookies may be permanently saved  on a device and be set to a variable duration (e.g. persistent cookies), but can be erased when the user closes the web browser or be set to a limited duration (e.g. session cookies). Cookies can be installed by the website you are browsing (first-party cookies) or by other websites (third-party cookies). 

Similar technologies, such as web beacon, transparent GIFs and all forms of local storage introduced with HTML5 are used to collect information on the user’s behavior on the web and on the use of services. 

Types of cookies

Depending on the characteristics and the use of cookies, we can distinguish different categories: 

  • Strictly-necessary cookies. These are crucial cookies for the correct functioning of the Website, and are used to manage session, log-in and access to the functions reserved to the website. The duration of the cookies is strictly limited to the work session (they are cancelled once the web browser is closed).  

  • Cookies for analysis and performances. These cookies are used to collect and analize traffic and Website usage. These cookies can detect, for instance, if the same user goes back online at different moments. The can also monitor the system and improve its performances and usability. Disabling these cookies won’t mean a loss of feature. 

  • Profiling cookies. These are cookies used to profile the user’s preferences and improve his/her experience on the web, as well as combining it to other information. 

    1. Third-party cookies

Browsing a Website one can receive cookies from the visited Website (“first-party”) and from other websites managed by other organizations (“third-party”). A good example is represented by the presence of “social plugins” for Facebook, Twitter e LinkedIn. They are parts of the visited page generated directly by the aforementioned Websites and integrated within the page of the host-website. The most common use of social plugins is to share contents on social networks.

The presence of these plugins means the transmission of cookies to and from all third-party websites. Please refer to the notice regarding the processing of information collected by third parties. For further transparency and convenience, we list here below the web address of the different notices and ways to manage cookies: 

Facebook notice:

Facebook (configuration): log in to your account. Section privacy.

Twitter notice:

Twitter (configuration):

LinkedIn notice:

LinkedIn (configuration):

      1. Google Analytics

The Website includes also some components transmitted by Google Analytics, a web service offered by Google, Inc (“Google”). Also in this case, it is third-party cookies collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the performances of the host-website (analytics cookie).

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect and anonymous analyze information on the behavior of Website usage (including the user’s IP address). Such information are gathered by Google Analytics, which processes them in order to draw up reports for the operators regarding the activities on the Website This Website does not use (and does not allow other to use) the Google analysis tool to monitor or to gather identifying personal. Google does not associate the IP address to other data held by Google, nor tries to match an IP address with the user’s identity. Google may also communicate this information to third subjects if this is enforced by law or if third subjects are processing such information on behalf of Google.

For further information, please visit:

The user can disable in a selective way the action of Google Analytics installing on his/her browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To disable the action of Google Analytics, please visit:


The Website uses first-party and third- party cookies as described here: 

Technical cookies 






Prevents cross-site request forgery (CSRF). CSRF is an attack vector that tricks a browser into taking unwanted action in an application when someone’s logged in.



Analytic cookies 






Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site

2 years



Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site

2 years



Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site

30 minutes



Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site

30 minutes



Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site

2 years



Remembers if a visitor agreed to placing Analytics cookies on their browser if a site is restricting the placement of cookies

30 days


Websites and third-party services



Collected data

Provided by

Place of processing 

Privacy Policy

Google Analytics

Anonymous analysis and statistics on  website usage 

Cookies and usage data

Google, Inc.


Google Fonts

Enable to use personalized fonts 

Usage data

Google, Inc.



Subscription and management of newsletters

Cookies, usage and subscription data 

The Rocket Science Group LLC,



Platform management 

Cookies and usage data

Squarespace Ireland Ltd.




Style management

Usage data 

Adobe Systems Inc.



The user can decide whether to accept cookies or not by using his/her browser’s setting  

Attention: a partial or total disabling of the technical cookies may compromise the use of the Website’s functions. On the contrary, the usability of public contents is possible even disabling cookies completely. Disabling third-party cookies doesn’t affect the browsing experience in any way. 

    1. Disable cookies– third-party services

To disable cookies or third-party services there are three ways:

  • Use anonymous browser or browser incognito mode provided by the user’s web browser (if supported). 

To switch this mode on, follow instructions in paragraph: “Anomymous browser incognito mode“.

  • Disable cookies via the user’s own web browser.
    To partially or totally disable Website cookies, follow the paragraph: “How to disable cookies depending on the type of browser”

  • Disable third-party services – OPT-IN / OPT-OUT.

    1. To partially or totally disable third-party services follow the instructions in paragraph: “How to disable services from third party – OPT-IN / OPT-OUT"

If the user chooses to partially or totally disable Website cookies, or some parts or all the services provided by third parties, some functions and performances of the aforementioned Website may me reduced and/or unavailable.

    1. Anonymous browsing – incognito mode

Website users and/or visitors can set “Anonymous Surfing” or  “Incognito mode” which allows the user to browse the Internet without saving any information on websites, visited pages, possible passwords used and other parameters on one’s device. Several browsers support such mode, and it is recognisable from the icon (the icon may change with different browsers). Not all browsers support this mode; please make sure your browser does by checking the browser’s official website.  

3.3 How to disable cookies depending on the type of browser 

Cookie settings can be defined specifically according to the different websites and web applications. Moreover, some browsers enable different settings for “owner” cookies and third-parties” cookies.  For instance, in Firefox, from Settings->Options->Privacy, it is possible to access a control panel where one can define whether to accept or not the different types of cookies and proceed with their clearing. 

  • Cookie settings in Internet Explorer:

  • Cookie settings in Firefox:

  • Cookie settings in Chrome:

  • Cookie settings in Safari and iOS:

    1. How to disable services from third party – OPT-IN / OPT-OUT

The term Opt-Out defines the way through which the user declines commercial information. Disabling such service the user can avoid receiving information on products and undesired services.  The term Opt-In defines the way through which the user gives his/her consent to receive information on products and services. 

OPT-OUT third party services

Further information available here:


This information was last updated on March 15th, 2019