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Fiscal representation for yachts


Real-time fiscal

and regulatory intelligence

VAT compliances for commercial yachts operating in the EU can represent a huge regulatory hurdle. Add a foreign language, administrative compliances, a busy charter season and the difficulties seem insurmountable!

It’s all easier than it seems.

Alongside fiscal agency and fiscal representation services, SOS Yachting provides operational guidance for commercial yachts and fiscal expertise from key yachting hubs in Croatia, France and Monaco, Italy and Spain. Our knowledge of charter operations, EU and maritime regulations gives us a unique perspective. Our fleet of over 600 clients is proof of our commitment.

SOS Yachting is the top-ranking company in our sector. Since 2012 we have been working closely with our clients to provide customized services and answers in real time. Our know-how ensures you are always up to date with regulatory compliances and can rely on solid backing in case of inspection.

Let us take the headache out of bureaucracy and guide you through the process so you can deliver the perfect charter experience to your guests.