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Spanish matriculation tax - formal complaint before the EU Commission

Our Spanish tax advisor, Miguel Ángel Serra, partner at Albors Galiano Portales and legal and tax advisor to the Spanish Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN), announce last March 14, 2019 in the VII ANEN National Congress held in Palma, the intention of ANEN, together with the Spanish Large Yachts Association (AEGY), to file a complaint before the European Commission in relation to the Spanish matriculation tax.

In October 2013, also at the request of ANEN and AEGY, the Spanish government made changes to legislation to include an exemption to the matriculation tax for EU and non-EU flagged yachts operating commercially in Spain so that it is no longer an issue for commercial yachting. Nevertheless, Serra said that matriculation tax is still having a negative impact on the Spanish yachting industry and should be completely removed given that, as it is currently drafted since January 1, 2011, it goes against the fundamental principles that underpin the European Single Market, namely the free movement of persons and capitals. the freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide services.

On other different issues, matriculation tax does not earn money for the government, but eliminating would boost the VAT and fuel tax earned through yacht charters, as well as boosting local economies through local sales and superyacht visitations. Removing the tax is clearly a win-win game for everyone involved, but it is still a political issue: the public still perceives the matriculation tax as a tax for the super-rich, and eliminating it would be an unpopular political move.”